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$430 vs $45 Birkenstock Sandals

I remember Birkenstocks being popular in the late 90s, when I was in college. The recent return of Birkenstocks to the mainstream is a pleasant blast from the past. I remember two distinct things about these sandals, that they used cork and that these sandals cost more than $100, a small fortune for a broke college student. So, I was quite surprised to discover there's now a low-cost version at ~$45 and another high-end version for $430.

The Arizona EVA is made entirely from EVA, a polymer that’s waterproof, washable, and lightweight. So, it’s quite durable and low cost. Great for the outdoors, and poor college students who you may encounter water, sand or mud. But if you want a higher-end look and feel, that’s what the Arizona 1774 delivers, with its natural leather upper, footbed lining and even sole.

But if you want something in the middle, Birkenstock has thought of that too. Their Arizona Leather sandal also has a natural leather upper, and footbed lining, but it utilizes the lower-cost EVA sole.

Birkenstock Arizona Leather – $200 –

I enjoyed learning about all these new options offered by Birkenstock. I hope it helped you as well.

Happy shopping!

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