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Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Cotton Performance Polo Shirt

This Brooks Brothers polo shirt is a great addition to your work-from-home wardrobe, as well as your weekend wardrobe. Nordstrom Rack has the best price and it's available in black, charcoal, and white. The link will take you to the black shirt, but if you click on "Brooks Brothers" in the product title, you'll see all the Brooks Brothers clothes they carry.

These prices are accurate as of August 24, 2020. And here are the links to the shops:

Brooks Brothers – $79.50 + $10.95 Shipping –

Walmart – $67.99 + FREE Shipping –

Bloomingdales – $55.60 + $10.00 Shipping –

Nordstrom Rack – $19.97 + $7.95 Shipping –

And if you'd like some help finding the best deal on your clothes, shoes or accessories, let me know, I'm happy to help. Just submit what you're looking for HERE, and I'll put together a price comparison, just like this one.

Stay safe!

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