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DKNY Tilly vs. DKNY Thompson Camera Bags

When I first saw these two bags, I thought the only difference was the addition of color to the Macy’s DKNY Tilly bag. So why does this more colorful bag cost $60 less than the monochromatic Thompson Graffiti Camera Bag?

DKNY Thompson Graffiti Camera Bag

· 9" x 6" x 3.5"

· 23" adjustable shoulder strap

· 100% Cow Leather

Macy’s DKNY Tilly Camera Bag

· 11" x 6.7" X 3.6"

· 20" adjustable, removable strap

· Faux Leather (PVC)

Apparently, Macy’s DKNY Tilly bag is not only more colorful, but it’s also smaller and made of Faux leather. While the monochromatic DKNY Thompson bag is larger, made of 100% cow leather, and has a longer adjustable shoulder strap.

Now that the price difference has shrunk to only $7, you’ll have to decide between cow leather with a monochromatic aesthetic, or vegan leather with a slightly more colorful aesthetic.

Hope this helps … happy shopping!

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